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rad shop. simple plan.

It really is that simple! We are a premier aftermarket repair and service shop. When this business was started in 2010 it was under the premise that we would fill a growing need for a qualified, competent, tech savvy and caring aftermarket automotive shop. The automotive world is not slowing down. Hybrids, electric vehicles, autonomy, alternative fuels, are all already here. How many shops do you think are preparing for the future? I dont know the answer but I do know that mellor's automotive is at the forefront of the next phase of the automotive revolution!

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Ok a little about me and my team. Mellor's automotive is a product of and a quest for knowledge. Emerging technology is not just a business model, It is at the core of our beliefs and it drives our efforts. We like knowing how cool stuff works. The Prius for example, this little car changed my view of the automotive world, as well as, the general trajectory of the automotive industry. Hybrid car technologies are in virtually all new cars sold today. Why wouldn't you choose an automotive shop that has lead the charge and prepared itself for the future. So me? Josh Mellor? diverse background, life long student and automotive guru, slightly biased opinion but fairly accurate assessment:) Can't do it by myself though. Hence surrounding myself with a quality team of technicians and one hell of a partner, Chris. If you contact us, which you should, you'll likely reach myself or Chris, a top notch technician / manager and one hell of a guy, with a long list of achievements and qualifications. Customers tell me all the time how awesome he is, so it must be true:)



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